Monday, June 7, 2010

We've been to the beach!

Sorry it's been so, so long since I've posted. However, for the last several months, I've been counting down to this one particular vacation! And it was wonderful! We just got back June 5. My husband, daughter, and I took my parents along for one relaxing and well-deserved week on Orange Beach. Folks, it is beautiful down there!
Each day, we woke up whenever we felt like it, we ate breakfast whenever we felt like it, we got dressed whenever we felt like it, and we went to the beach whenever we felt like it. We swam...if we wanted to. Laid-out in the sun a lot...and came back oh-so-tan! I never looked at a clock. Didn't even know what day of the week it was. It was h-e-a-v-en.
And it you're thinking "oil," don't be. We saw the first sign of it on Friday, the day before we were scheduled to leave. So, the timing of it all worked out perfectly for us. But, what a tragedy for all of those folks down there...natives, tourists, wildlife, and of course the economy that depends on the tourism. They are in our prayers. My dad found oil on the beach Friday morning, and called the Orange Beach Sheriff's department. They came immediately, and told him it was the first report of oil on their beach. Dad spent the rest of the day scouting the beach and looking for more oil. He collected some tar-balls which were put in Winn-Dixie bags and brought back home with us as "souvenirs." ...Anyway, I don't want to talk too much about that. I'll save it for another post. ...And if I get dad's permission, I can post my photo-documentation of his investigation. LOL
I have so many pictures to share...and stories to share from this trip! But for now, these few pictures will have to do. Hope you enjoy!

I got to play with my new camera! Caroline, Daddy, and I had a photo session Tuesday evening.

And this was the view from my balcony. Do I miss this? YES! You weren't even there, and I bet you miss it too! :)


  1. She is just a doll! I'm counting down the days till I go on vacation too!

  2. That beach is gorgeous, a shame about the oil! And your daughter is beautiful. How fun!