Monday, July 26, 2010

What summer?

Does anyone else feel like summer has just come and gone?
Tonight I decided to do a little scrap booking of our trip to the beach, just to reminisce and remind myself of the fun and relaxation that I did have at the beginning of our summer break. It was therapeutic... but I still can't help trying to plan another beach trip before my students come back. We'll see what happens.
On another note, I've re-arranged my living room no less than 20 times this summer. I've had "rug drama," made new mistreatments, and bought a new outdoor seating area for my porch. Here are some pictures...just so that you know even though I was neglecting my blog, it HAS been for good reason.
...OH!...And take a look at my new china cabinet re-do.

Okay, so this is the living room. ...well, this is how it looks for now. New rug, new curtains. I'm happy with it. Looks better in person. Maybe I'll take a better picture of it later.

And I hung this old white window above our entertainment center. It came out of my sister's old house that she and her husband remodeled. I've been trying to add more white/cream-colored accents to the living area.

This is what my entrance looks like. I took the rug out of my living room and put it in the foyer. I moved that antique black piece out of the kitchen and added it too.

And this is the new china cabinet. Wish I had a picture of what it looked like before. Just imagine it looking like really dark mahogany, and a very thick coat of shiny varnish on it. Oh, and doors on the cabinets at the top that resembled something out of an old pirate ship. ...well, at least that's what they always reminded me of.
My mom got tired of this piece, and was ready to remove it from her dining room. She asked me if I wanted it, and I warned her, "I'm going to paint it if you give it to me." I think she loves it more than I do now!

And I did not paint this myself. I had it painted to match my kitchen cabinets. Dixie Cabinets in Springville, AL gets the credit for this. They did a great job!

Well, that's all for now. Next time, I will show you my new out-door furniture and pictures from our trip to Ohio.