Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dad's Birthday Breakfast

Happy Tuesday everyone!  My dad celebrated his birthday on Saturday and I decided to host a birthday breakfast for him at my home.  On the menu was beef tenderloin, biscuits, grilled beef sausage, scrambled eggs with potatoes and cheese, grits, and fresh fruit.  
I was looking for inspiration for setting the table, and I remembered that my husband planted some sunflowers next to our vegetable garden and reminded me that they were blooming.  Every time I go to the garden to get vegetables, I completely forget about looking at the sunflowers.  I walked out to the garden and sure enough, I had the prettiest red and golden sunflowers ready to be picked.  I combined them with some hydrangeas from my front yard.  The hydrangeas are on their way out and new ones are soon to be in bloom, so the hydrangeas are all kinds of shades of greens and purples right now.  Here is what it looked like.

I mixed and matched my plates, coffee cups and water glasses.  I really liked how it turned out.  

And here is what it looks like in reality.  :)  My precious boy and girl playing around my work-space.   My daughter is actually a big help and loves to help me decorate and host parties.  

Have a good day everyone!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A darling bedroom.

Hello everyone!  I thought I'd share some pictures of my sweet girl's bedroom.  Not that she sleeps in it or anything, but that's another post.  

I recently re-arranged and re-decorated along with organizing and de-cluttering this space.  

She has two beds in this room.  The twin belonged to my husband when he was a boy, and the double bed was my great-great-grandparents' bed.  They moved to Louisiana from France around the turn of the century.  

I decided to hang plates above both beds to tie them together for a more cohesive look.

This is "Penelope" from Pottery Barn.  I just love birds and so does my sweetie.  

I love the stripes and polka-dots.  

I added this quilt to the foot of the twin bed.  It was my husband's great-grandmother's who sewed it in the 1920s.  This yellow was very popular in the 20's.

This dresser belonged to Caroline's great-great-great grandparents.  It's been re-painted.

These are my no-sew curtains.  Just hot glue.  I loved the fabric.  Found it at Hobby Lobby three years ago. 

I wanted to hang her art and some sentimental pieces so I decided the wall above the TV would be a good spot for a "gallery."

I made her this for her Paris Birthday Party this year.

This was purchased in St. Augustine.  She rode this carousel every day, and I found this painting in a shop that was painted by a local artist. 

My mom and dad bought this print at a gas station when they were expecting their first child (me!) and were still newlyweds.  They colored it together.  
I've saved it all these years. 

I painted this on her wall to match the PB quilt on her bed.  

I painted this when this room used to be a nursery.  I sang this song to her every day and every night as I rocked her to sleep.  
I can't imagine painting over it.  But there is probably going to come the day when she is going to want me to.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer flowers

After returning home from our trip to Ohio, I could not wait to unpack all of my new treasures and start re-decorating.  Honestly, whenever we return from a trip, my suitcases go into the bedroom, and then I unpack the new stuff I bought, start moving furniture around the house and creating new vignettes.  Strange?  I don't think so.  haha!

So here are a few of the new things I bought in Amish Country a few weeks ago.  And don't you just love summer time?  I picked these flowers from my front yard, the side of the road and by my brother's pool.  Gorgeous if I have to say so myself.  

Don't you just love this vase?

At night, the lights are so cozy.  And don't you just love lanterns?

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