Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mikey's Mickey Mouse 2nd Birthday Party

These are a few pictures from Mikey's big birthday bash on Sunday.  This is the sign by the front door.  If you are a huge fan of Mickey like we are (let's face it, if it keeps him happy and quiet, we're big fans!), then you'll recognize this from the theme song.

And a wreath on the front door that I placed a "hidden Mickey."  I made a few of these hidden Mickeys and placed them all over the house.  There were 38 total and the kids had fun looking for them.

This was his invitation this year…  I designed it on Snapfish.  I placed this invitation on the "Adult bar."

This was the kids' table.  The Mickey balloon was ordered from an online store.  They are just like the ones you can get at Disney World.  I was way more excited about these balloons than the kids were.

Each kid also got a goody bag.  I designed and printed the Mickey silhouette on my computer and modpodged them on bags.  The bags had Mickey stickers, suckers and toys in them.  All things Mickey!

And this is the menu…  The Noodles are baked spaghetti and I made a salad just like Olive Garden's.  My family loves an Olive Garden Salad.  

I am so glad I made these plates.  I almost decided not to, but everyone liked them.  Especially the adults.

See the hidden Mickey?

This was the only time I could get him to wear his hat.  And he wouldn't let go of the paci either.  He is just not a "people" person, and even though he loves my family, he isn't a fan of having a party at his house.  Ha!

My beautiful darling, Caroline.  This girl is ALWAYS ready for a party!

Mikey didn't want to blow out his candle, and when everyone sang to him, he ran to me and buried his head in my shoulder.  He is so shy!

This is the look you get when you take his paci out of his mouth.  Bad, bad Uncle George!

Happy Birthday my sweet boy!  I love you!

Friday, May 2, 2014