Friday, June 25, 2010

The curtains

The before:


...yes...I hot-glued these curtains. Don't hate me.

And I even made my FIRST tassel with some left-over trim and ribbon!!!

More pictures coming soon. There has been some unexpected RUG DRAMA in my life these past few days.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My "lighter" living room-Part 1

I think it was being on vacation, and all of the light that came through our windows...the sunshine, the ocean, and the white sand, that made me feel like the house that I was about to go home to was so DARK.
Anyway, at this wonderful gift shop on the beach, that my mother-in-law would flip over, called "Tallulahs," I found this sign:

Isn't it wonderful? I HAD to have it. And I found the perfect place for it.
When I first saw it, I had no clue as to where I was going to hang it...but I didn't care. I love it. It was perfect for my house. I've learned over time, that if you love something...I mean ABSOLUTELY LOVE just go ahead and buy it, because you WILL find a place for it. ...well...that logic works for me.

This was just what I needed to start "lightening up" my home. It has an ivory background, so with just a few more ivory accents, that would be just what I needed for a "lighter-feeling" living room.

Has anyone else felt weighted down by all of the trendy black furniture and dark iron accents that EVERYONE decorates with? Don't get me wrong...I really like a lot of that decor...and I have a lot of it in my home. But, like I said earlier, after being at the beach, and now that summer has arrived, I've just felt like adding "lighter-looking" pieces.

Just wait until you see my new curtains and new living room! Coming soon! Oh-and you are correct...lots of hot-glue was used in the course of this project!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My name is Rachel, and I am a "mini-van mom."

DOEHLER DAYS posted this video. You must visit and click on it. TOTALLY HILARIOUS!

Our trip to the beach. Part 2

I've been really bad about updating this blog since I've been on summer vacation. But after a long day, celebrating Father's Day at the pool, I'm now ready to share the rest of our vacation pictures. By the way, Happy Father's Day everyone! :)

We got in the hot tub:

We walked on the beach:

We had blue snow cones at Lulus:

Yes...we know the snow cone was blue...

We got blue, glittery, star tattoos at Lulus. Can you tell that blue is our favorite color?

We ate delicious, fried okra. It was on the appetizer menu!

Wow! What a gorgeous family! He is so handsome. And how does she do her hair? And what a beautiful, well-behaved, little girl!

We had a photo-session on the beach one evening.

And in the middle of our vacation, look what showed up! A big boat with booms in the water. Oil was on the way. It was approximately 5 miles out at that point. We never smelled it and didn't see it until Friday, which was our last day.

We had butterfinger blizzards from Dairy Queen and drank them pool-side. This is the life!

Mommy gave private swimming lessons and we learned how to float on our back.

Pie gave Caroline a bath and washed her hair. This is actually a very funny story. When mom wrapped her hair up in the towel, Caroline looked at herself in the mirror and said, "I look like an ice-cream cone." HA! I asked what kind of ice cream cone she was, and she replied, "Guh-nilla" (vanilla). When the towel fell off of her head, she shouted, "Oh no! I'm melting!" LOL ...I don't want to say she's a creative-genius, but...

We had an assortment of fresh doughnuts for breakfast one morning. NOTE: I said "one" morning. Not every morning that we were on vacation. Pie said someone needed to take a picture of that beautiful sight, so I obliged.

Daddy and Puddin' dug a big hole with a drainage ditch, so that the waves would create a private pool for Caroline. ...Yes, Puddin' is a contractor, home-builder, and entrepreneur. Daddy is a what do you expect?

And on our last day, a piece of expandable foam washed up on the beach and it was covered with oil. There was also oil residue on the sand along the beach.

Never fear, Puddin's here!
In all seriousness, if you know him, he investigated, called the Orange Beach Sheriff's Department, and they came right out. They let him know it was the first sighting of oil on their beach, they collected his evidence, and they were off. Puddin' spent the rest of the day collecting oil covered sand and shells, and patrolling the beaches.

We still had a great time at the beautiful pools!

And the view was spectacular!

And at the end of our vacation, after we had checked-out...we got on the elevator and saw this sign:

We had an amazing time! We will be going back next year. Can't wait!

Monday, June 7, 2010

We've been to the beach!

Sorry it's been so, so long since I've posted. However, for the last several months, I've been counting down to this one particular vacation! And it was wonderful! We just got back June 5. My husband, daughter, and I took my parents along for one relaxing and well-deserved week on Orange Beach. Folks, it is beautiful down there!
Each day, we woke up whenever we felt like it, we ate breakfast whenever we felt like it, we got dressed whenever we felt like it, and we went to the beach whenever we felt like it. We swam...if we wanted to. Laid-out in the sun a lot...and came back oh-so-tan! I never looked at a clock. Didn't even know what day of the week it was. It was h-e-a-v-en.
And it you're thinking "oil," don't be. We saw the first sign of it on Friday, the day before we were scheduled to leave. So, the timing of it all worked out perfectly for us. But, what a tragedy for all of those folks down there...natives, tourists, wildlife, and of course the economy that depends on the tourism. They are in our prayers. My dad found oil on the beach Friday morning, and called the Orange Beach Sheriff's department. They came immediately, and told him it was the first report of oil on their beach. Dad spent the rest of the day scouting the beach and looking for more oil. He collected some tar-balls which were put in Winn-Dixie bags and brought back home with us as "souvenirs." ...Anyway, I don't want to talk too much about that. I'll save it for another post. ...And if I get dad's permission, I can post my photo-documentation of his investigation. LOL
I have so many pictures to share...and stories to share from this trip! But for now, these few pictures will have to do. Hope you enjoy!

I got to play with my new camera! Caroline, Daddy, and I had a photo session Tuesday evening.

And this was the view from my balcony. Do I miss this? YES! You weren't even there, and I bet you miss it too! :)