Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My "lighter" living room-Part 1

I think it was being on vacation, and all of the light that came through our windows...the sunshine, the ocean, and the white sand, that made me feel like the house that I was about to go home to was so DARK.
Anyway, at this wonderful gift shop on the beach, that my mother-in-law would flip over, called "Tallulahs," I found this sign:

Isn't it wonderful? I HAD to have it. And I found the perfect place for it.
When I first saw it, I had no clue as to where I was going to hang it...but I didn't care. I love it. It was perfect for my house. I've learned over time, that if you love something...I mean ABSOLUTELY LOVE SOMETHING...to just go ahead and buy it, because you WILL find a place for it. ...well...that logic works for me.

This was just what I needed to start "lightening up" my home. It has an ivory background, so with just a few more ivory accents, that would be just what I needed for a "lighter-feeling" living room.

Has anyone else felt weighted down by all of the trendy black furniture and dark iron accents that EVERYONE decorates with? Don't get me wrong...I really like a lot of that decor...and I have a lot of it in my home. But, like I said earlier, after being at the beach, and now that summer has arrived, I've just felt like adding "lighter-looking" pieces.

Just wait until you see my new curtains and new living room! Coming soon! Oh-and you are correct...lots of hot-glue was used in the course of this project!!!


  1. I love that sign. Back before AC, folks used to spring clean and store some of the heavier fabrics...Your knew plans sound refreshing. Lezlee

  2. Ummmmmm.......where's my sign Missy?! lol!!! I love that sign. I'm going through a decorating crisis right now. Nothing matches and it's driving me nuts! The palm trees have to go though!

  3. Thanks for checking in! Isn't that jewelry gorgeous?

    Oh, and my diets, it's.....okay. I'm not following the book exactly per-say, but it did give me great recipes and a great plan to follow on how and what to eat. Life just gets in the way sometime. But I have started to run in intervals. I've lost 10 lbs since I started the diet. So it's definitely motivation! Thanks for asking.

  4. i love it! it is just darlin'. :) i need one.