Sunday, June 2, 2013

An Ohio Graduation Party

....for my special niece.  Isn't she beautiful?

Her school colors were gold and red.  I added zebra print to it to make it more "Kristin."  Below is the cupcake table.  Guests seemed to enjoy this more than regular cake.   

I made the banner, pom poms, labels and embellished the candles with scrapbook paper.  I also made the tutu for the dress form, which I named "Shelley."  Don't ask me why...she just looked like a "shelley" to me.  Ohio graduates have "picture boards" at their graduation parties, I've learned.  Kristin and her mom were on board with doing something unique and I got the dress form idea from Pinterest.  I just added the tutu and did it my way.  :)  

I wanted to surprise Kristin with a 16x20 senior portrait of herself.  This was put on the gift table. 

The party was held at the American Legion Pavilion.  I used zebra print fabric and brought lanterns from home to decorate the food table. 
On the menu was:  meatballs, haluski (cabbage and noodles), rolls, veggies, macaroni salad, watermelon and fried chicken.

And let's not forget the rigatoni.  Not having rigatoni at a party or shower up here in Ohio, would be like not having pimento cheese in Alabama.  

I heard that a lot of people loved the idea of hanging the pictures from twine using clothespins.  
It was cute, easy to view, and also something more different than what everyone else was doing.

Yes...I know the difference between chocolate and vanilla.  

Here is a good picture of "Shelley" in all of her glory.  

This is a sign of a fun party.  Isn't he the most beautiful baby boy you've ever seen?

Kristin with her dad, mom and brother.

All of Pap's and Grandma's babies together. 

A local bakery made the cupcakes.  Kristin's mom had a good idea to not have bright red icing.  No one wants red teeth.  The cupcakes were tinted instead. 

Personally, this was my favorite part of the decorating...  Kristin loves Nutella.  So I decided to put jars of Nutella with a little bit of zebra print tissue paper in a clear treat bag and use them as balloon weights.  So much more cute, fun and personal than the standard, one-dollar, foil balloon weights.

Here is my precious girl enjoying a cupcake.  She had so much fun at this party.  The pavilion was in the perfect wooded spot with a playground for the kids.  And she had LOTS of cousins to play with.  

One happy family with one happy niece.

She loves her big cousin Kristin!

...and there's nothing like being photo-bombed!

 We love you Kristin!!!!  You can accomplish anything that your heart desires.  Continue to make good choices in life, and always know that you can count on us when you need it!

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