Thursday, February 25, 2010


Anyone an expert on the behavior, or ATTITUDE I should say, of "almost-3-year-old" little girls?
From what I hear from other parents/grandparents of these little DIVAS, it seems that this stage of life is full of..."sass." Not to mention, drama. So, besides the fact that my little one feels like she can fuss at me... pointing and shaking her finger at me and saying, "You be nice," and be demanding... "Mommy, get me out of the bathtub RIGHT NOW," is just peachy.
However, you absolutely CAN NOT give me a million bucks for last Saturday morning, when she woke up, looked at me, and said, "Momma, her baby is hungry." I laughed, and then asked, "Well, what would my baby like to eat?" -And she says, "Her baby wants pancakes."
And what do you do when the "Queen of England" wants a pancake? You make a pancake. :)

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