Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm back!

So, you thought I disappeared from the blogging world, huh? Well, I'm back now. Life's been busy, as usual. We hosted my mom's birthday party in January. So much fun, by the way! It was disco-themed. My house turned into "The Foundry," which is the disco hall in Thibodaux, LA where my dad and mom first met each other. awwww!!!
Super fun! We had a REAL disco ball in the living room, and lots of decorations, courtesy of Party City, and my crazy sisters and brothers (and me and my husband of course) purchased afros and 70s shag wigs. We really set the mood, I have to say! It was a fun night. A little too fun. And check out the cake! "Cakes by Audrey" is awesome! Thanks Audrey, once again for a fabulous cake! For food, it was chinese take-out...one of my mom's favorites. I've posted pictures of the party below. See for yourself how fun this party was!

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