Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Walmart trips

I have to record this before I let it slip from my memory...
Well, as most of you know, we live in a rather small town. By small, I mean a Walmart and one intersection with traffic lights. Anyway, I've recently really been enjoying a weekly, evening trip to Walmart with my Monkey. Have I mentioned that she talks non-stop? Talk about if you ever want to hear what YOU sound like...well, your kids will let you know what you sound like! She's in the buggy with a stuffed Mickey and a stuffed Pluto, just jibber-jabbering away. And I hear her say to one of them, "Are you telling me the truth? Are you? Okay."
And the whole, "HEY LADY!!!!" thing is getting a little out of hand. For those of you unaware of the out-going personality of my little monkey, normal "Walmart conversation" (one-sided, of course), goes something like this... "EXCUSE MEEEEE! HEY LADY! GET THAT FOR ME LADY! MOMMA, THAT LADY IS TAKING IT FROM ME!" I use caps lock because all of this is being shouted loudly! Every female-buggy-pusher gets shouted at by my daughter. And, at first it was cute. Tonight, I said "Enough!"...and...well...?
We came home with Pluto, by the way.

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  1. Of course, I can't be on every Wal-Mart shopping trip with you, so it will be fun to re-live it with your blog! I can "imagine" every single thing that you are saying, and I know that it is "the real deal" as far as "Sweet Caroline" is concerned! Pie