Friday, August 20, 2010

French Door "Mistreatments"

A few months ago, I attended a baby shower hosted by a very talented lady who lives in a MILLION DOLLAR HOME. I love the way this woman decorates. And, she makes her own curtains. Of course, only she can afford fabric that costs over $100/yard.
I noticed that she had hung some curtains on both sides of an entryway into her dining room. I loved this idea. So, in typical spontaneous fashion, I went to the local Walmart (yes, I know it's a far cry from designer fabric) and purchased these green faux silk panels.

This was okay. I was happy with it, for a little while... Then I saw this fabric and bought it, hot-glued it, and hung it up. I also added the white plates. It just really brightened things up.

It's not exactly the fabric I wanted, but it will do. For now.

And when the fairies come to clean my kitchen, I'll take more pictures for you. :) Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hi! I found your blog through Jennifer's at All that Glitters and just had to say that I actually really love the plaid curtains! You said they would do for now but I think they look fabulous! Bright and cheerful. Great job!

  2. It looks great girl!!! I love it!